maandag 18 januari 2010

Busy times...

These are busy times, I need a lot of time just to keep my todo-list up-to-date. So Keeping up with IT is more Learning on the job at the moment.

  • Tomas Gustavsson from Karlstad University is coming over to give a workshop on Scrum, with the emphasis on starting up a project.
  • A delegation of Fachgymnasium Papenburg is coming over to discuss whether our studies are interesting for their students.
  • In March I'll go to Universidad Polytecnica de Madrid for a week to give some lectures on agile software development. I combine this with mentoring Hanzestudents who are doing their graduation work there (on the subject of Google wave).
Research? Not really research yet in my opinion. I'm involved in the NOVO-project (see earlier posts) but at this point it's about system development. Requirements, use cases and architecture are starting for real now. The build team (Q3+Q4) will consist of 3 students and we'll be using Scrum.

Curriculum Development
  • I'll need to update our 2nd year software engineering course with more multithreading because of the "multi-core revolution". Also, our strategy of intensifying the 1st year has led to material going from 2nd to 1st year. This creates room for some other topics!
  • Software architecture will be added to our 4th year, a non-trivial job.
For the accreditation our institute will be visited by Hobeon in the fall. This means there's a lot of work for us to get ready.

I'm participating in the project group that's developing a honours course for excellent students. After some brainstorming we've got the right ideas. Now we have to see if we can match them with the 'guidelines' that came down from Hanze central.

And I still have a buildtool/continuous integration server on my wishlist. But I'm afraid it will have to wait some more...