woensdag 5 november 2008

What would you do with €5000 ?

Ok, this question is a little bit different from "What would you do with a million euro's?" The point is I've been nominated for a prize called "de innoveer" (this doesn't really translate, meaning innovation and inno-feather in Dutch).

Our dean Henk Zwetsloot proposed me based on the work done on the software engineering curriculum and the way I keep up with it. There where 12 applications and I'm among the last 3 nominees. On the one hand I'm honoured, on the other hand I feel like I've "just done my job".

The prize is a piece of art and 5000 euro which can be used for ones own development. So I can't help but think about what I would do if I won. Here are some ideas:
* Attending a nice big congres like the QCon last year would be nice.
* A studytrip to the silicon valley or something similar to what the HBO-I did in the past.
* A studytrip to Australia to visit some universities and discuss the possibilities of exchange of lecturers.
* Getting a masters degree in computer science (I have one in math) is always on the back of my mind. But I'm afraid 5000 euro still wouldn't solve problems of sleep, time, family and energy. Maybe later...
Update: it wasn't meant to be, the competition was pretty good. But still, being among the last 3 was pretty cool.

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