vrijdag 13 november 2009

Today was another edition of the JFall. I took the light version by skipping the keynotes and not trying to score every goodie there was to get. ;-) As it turned out my programme had a high "Google" percentage. Coincidence or is the influence of Google spreading ever more?

I started out with "How to introduce Agile in my organisation?" (Erwin vd Koogh, Xebia). No revolutionary insights but a few nice twists to remember. The magic formula is Action = Pain x Budget and developers have to learn a new language (Businessy).

After that I took the hands-on lab on Google Android by Siarhei (Sergei) Dudzin. This worked like a charm and in 1.5 hours I got the feeling for what it takes to develop an application for a Google Android phone. What strikes me is the perfect documentation that Google has as compared to your average open source project. Of course they have the budget, but they really put in the effort.

The next one was about "five star projects" (Eric Bouwers, Software Improvement Group). Apparently there now exists an official certification for software maintainability by the German company TÜVit. This certification ranges from 3 stars to 5 stars. 1 star is rubbage. The SIG performs the investigation for TÜVit. Just as in education the accreditation institution is also seperated from the investigating institution.
The speaker demonstrated the metrics on several open source projects.

Java and Google App engine (Jettro Coenradie, JTeam) was the poorest talk from my perspective. Too little concepts and too much code and XML flashing by. "This is easy, this is just as easy, this is almost too easy to show." Apparently he had some other audience in mind than me.

But this was compensated for by the last talk on Google Wave (Jos Dirksen, Atos Origin). I'm already "waving" but this talk showed me a lot more features. Most people (including myself) start by using it as email, but it can do so much more. The big question at the moment seems to be how you want to use it once you've explored the many features.
Jos also showed how to build your own bots and gadgets. I hope I will have some experimentation time soon!

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