donderdag 13 maart 2008

QCon Thursday (1)

The day started off with a lecture by another famous name, Kent Beck, on developments in Agile. A good speaker, very American. It's all about accountability and transparency. IT and business are moving closer to eachother, IT has to be just as accountable as the business is used to be.

The next lecture was by Stefan Tilkov on REST and RESTful webapplications. As this was a new concept to me, I decided to listen in. A good talk, although I didn't completely understand it in one go. It seems REST is a set of 5 principles which you can apply when developing webapplications. This gives you a lot of technical possibilities. But as far as I can see it's an alternative to webservices. An important new trend already and we still haven't finished with the previous one.

Pete Goodcliffe talked about two systems. One with bad design and one with good. A bit of a standard talk, but he was entertaining and it's nice to see some points again. But Bart thought he could have done it better.

Giles Colborne tried to define the term op 'Simplicity' in User Interfaces. According to him it's not the same as usability. A bit dull, nothing special. But he did mention a number of "red flags" that made me think about the DOP immediately.

Rod Johnson (author of a famous J2EE book) talked about innovation in J2EE. At first impression, he came across as a annoying, stubborn American with a Texan drawl. Maybe that's what he is. But he knew his subject really well and brought a lot of interesting analogies to the subject. The slides are warmly recommended.

The last talk about Domain Driven Design is so bad that I can update the blog. A brazilian dude in very bad english who talks about stuff we all already know since we started our education. Pity, as there is a lot to be told about DDD.

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