dinsdag 11 maart 2008

QCon Tuesday

Alarmclock on 4.30 AM, bus at 5.30 AM, plane at … 8.10 AM! Two hours delay :( The picture is me at the airport, please note the red timestamp in the right bottom corner.
The rest of the day was a bit of disappointment. Further delays at schiphol ensured we missed the entire morning session. Somehow our preferred tutorials were scheduled on Monday (!?). So no Ruby, we'll catch up on that later. We joined another Domain Specific Languages (DSL) tutorial. But having missed the morning session this went way over my head. But it seemed a rather academic subject to me on which the PhD’s are having a field day. But Bart understood it better, so we’ll have to await his explanation of the material.

Some quotes I noted down:
“… the abstract meta superclass…”
“… if you build THAT than we can automate EVERYTHING (drooling)”
“… so we have shown that DSL’s are sometimes really useful…”
Normal dinner at an Italian restaurant: 65 pounds. Welcome to Londen. ;-)

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