maandag 13 oktober 2008

A busy period

There's a busy period coming up for me and 'my' software engineering students.

First we had studentpresentations about Open Source-related subjects. To spice things up we had a number of experts from the NNO ( who asked critical questions and provided feedback. We all learned a lot more about Open Source, what it is and isn't.

This week there's the NITE congress ( of which I will attend the wednesday. I have yet to find the time to look up what the programme exactly is... :-)

Thursday I'll take 30 students to Achmea for an evening programme on J2EE in the insurance business ( Quintor is also involved in that.

Later on Quintor ( will also be giving a guestlecture at the Hanze about agile development with special focus on Continuous Integration.

And at the end of the quarter I'll be taking all of my students to the JFall ( Thanks in advance for the JFall organisation for making this possible. I'll post my selected programme later.

And between this events I'm also doing some other interesting stuff which I might get around to later.

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