woensdag 29 oktober 2008

Was it any good?

A quick note about the events we've been to the last few weeks. Was it any good?

The NITE (Noordelijk IT Event, pronounce 'night') was not yet a great success. There weren't a lot of visitors, creating a bit of an awkward situation. Maybe next time a smaller venue would be better. The first talk was the most interesting for me. Elly de Jong of the police of Groningen talked about their research and development program. He showed some nice projects that I never heard about. Their GPS-based PDA application looked like the project my students do. These projects are happening here in Groningen! That's the effect the people behind NITE wanted to achieve.

The Achmea talk was ok, giving insight in the way such a big firm tries to handle their systems. The location at the top of the Achmea tower in Leeuwarden was especially nice. After sunset we could see the lighttower of Ameland.

Monday we had a guestlecture by Quintor on Continuous Integration. It was very well suited for our students, nice and technical. Maybe a bit heavy on the toolingside (just to give you an impression, the following tools were mentioned: ant, maven, JMX, bamboo, wiki/confluence, jira, clover, blazeds, alfresco, dbunit, hsql, spring, coberture, jcoverage, cactus, ...) but after you master the basics there's always a toolingstep to make.
But for the attentive listener there was also much of interest about agile development and working for regional companies. The students gave it a big thumbs up.

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