dinsdag 30 maart 2010

Universidad Polytecnica Madrid

Last week I did my first Erasmus lectures. I was invited at the Universidad Polytecnica Madrid to give four lectures. As the topic I chose agile software development. This obligation had as an effect that I prepared pretty hard, developing new teaching material and learning even more about scrum, kanban and lean in the process. I now have a new case study which I really like and I hope I can reuse in on other occasions. UPM would probably like me to come back next year, I'll have to check with my boss and the internationalisation officer if that's feasible. Once you go international, there are so many places to choose from.

What more can I say about the experience? Madrid is nice, the spanish people are friendly, the country doesn't differ that much with the Netherlands, except for their eating schedule. The students were about as I expected: stronger on the theoretical issues, not very experienced on the practical side and they need to work on their English.

Thus I have finished another challenge to myself. The hardest part was the preparation. But you know what they say: "Train hard, win easy" :-)

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