vrijdag 21 mei 2010

Karlstad university

I visited Karlstad university (Sweden) with some colleagues last week. It's a former Högskule that has transformed itself into a university with a lot of research activities (and funding!). This took a long term effort however. I can imagine this is the vision our rector Henk Pijlman has of the direction the Hanze should move into. My estimate is that it would take 10-15 years of concentrated effort, a lot of it on the personnelmanagement side.

We met some nice and interesting colleagues (Anna Brunstrum, Donald Ross, Martin Blom) and discussed collaboration possibilities on agile among other things. I got a nice idea about the coding dojo which I would like to give a spin next year. Finally we also went to the Compare Testlab and met Sven Wedemalm.

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