woensdag 30 juni 2010


After about 8 years of trying (not fulltime ;-), I FINALLY got an RMI example to work. And with that I mean working as it should by transferring classfiles, not cheating by putting the classfiles of the server on the clientside.

In 2002 I understood the concepts in about 15 minutes and the rest of years was pure frustration on crappy tutorials and technical details (trailing slashes, classpaths, codebases, security policies). I tried to find my original 2002 posts on the Sun developer forums but they are either archived or banned. My point was then and still is now: if you can't get a HelloWorld working in 15 minutes (ok, 1 hour) then the technology won't catch on. I've seen plenty of students give it a try and I couldn't blame them when they quit.

Glad I can put this one behind me, let's move on to other things now. I have a whole list for the coming holiday ;-)

Update: : http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/rmi/index.html was the most useful tutorial

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